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"We had a very professional and efficient experience with RWM, and now have a quality extension too our house that we are really proud of. Being an old building we came across a few hurdles and decisions along the way that were dealt with efficiently and knowledgeably. I would thoroughly recommend RWM to anyone considering building work."

Lorna Long

“The transformation from a working cattle barn to the most comfortable of houses was completed by Rob Milburn and his team in under a year.  I was told that when you build a house it is a nightmare as the plumber is late, the electrician had not done his work before the plasterer arrives, you lose your slot, and there are days when nothing happens!! This cannot be further from the truth in our case and he coordinated his tradesman with military precision.  Sadly for Rob we were living in a caravan on site so every move was monitored!!  We all survived and having moved into a static home on September 1st 2017  our first night in the new home was at the end of July 2018.  There was not one day that a tradesman was not here (except for one when they had to abandon ship as it was frozen!!)  Rob and myself liaised a great deal on choices of materials, and worked very hard on trying to achieve a good look.  He had great “vision” and the quality and finish of the work was excellent.  They always say the foundations are the most important and watching him “set out” was very interesting and I have never seen such attention to detail, the proof of the excellent work was when the screed went down and it was all level!!  Every month we went through the budget so at every stage I knew where I was and what was outstanding.  I cannot recommend this firm highly enough and he and his team deserve all the success for the future.”

Elisabeth Collins